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Kids these days don't know how good they have it. When i was growing up we didn't have high res 3d graphics, orchestral arrangements, multi button controllers, motion sensing technology, massive story arcs (or stories at all when it comes to it), cut scenes, or even an ending to the game. It was just you versus the dot. And it wasn't even a dot. It was a square that was very small and if you squinted, you could imagine it was a circle. You didn't get anything for beating a level; the game just got harder and faster until you died. Sometimes, you would score enough points to get an extra life. Sometimes. But that just delayed the inevitable by about 20 more seconds. Spoiled little shits today. Anyway, they said write a bio so... I like just about any game. Role playing games are my favorite. I could generally not give two squats about first person shooters or sports games but occasionally I'll get into a two player coop FPS (like borderlands). I also play an inordinate amount of non video games - dungeons and dragons, red dragon inn, cards against humanity, munchkin, evil baby orphanage to name a few. In my free time I can generally be found making up new games to play and testing them on my unsuspecting friends. Most of my friends have refused to play test anymore drinking games. As if they need their liver or something. Pshaw.
And so their journey begins...

Final Fantasy (for IOS)

Konami Code FTW

This is the best game ever. Well… the original Final Fantasy for the NES is tied with the original Legend of Zelda for the best games ever. Honestly, I’m biased since I wasted a good chunk of my childhood on both of those games. So feel free to disagree with the perfect rating I gave it, but, if you do, you should also get used to the feeling of being wrong.
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Batman: Arkham Asylum

Review: Batman Arkham Asylum


I’ve heard a lot of praise for Batman: Arkham Asylum, so decided to give it a shot since it was a free download for playstation plus members. As usual, I only put a few hours into the game, so this isn’t a comprehensive review of every aspect, but rather an overview to see if it’s worth putting your time into.

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The Amazing Spider-man 2

Review: The Amazing Spider-man 2

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As far as movie games go, this is pretty much just a title. The game itself only loosely follows the movie. There is a great cameo from Stan Lee and a wide variety of costumes to acquire which enhance different spider powers. The combat system is pretty fluid and makes you feel very Spider-man like (as opposed to a brawler like Wolverine). I only played for 3 hours so I can’t say how the overall game would progress but it has a lot of promise. Continue reading