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The first system I owned was NES. It was the type of thing you left on for weeks at a time just to beat a game because saving a game was somewhat of a future concept. Nowadays you can find me gaming on Xbox systems and my iPhone. I typically only play 1 or 2 games at time then move onto something different. I have been huge fan of the EA Sports NHL franchise for many years and prefer to play games online rather then single player campaigns. Outside the comforts of my living room I like travel to new places and take lots of pictures.
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Review: Star Wars Commander

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The gameplay begins shortly after the events depicted in the original 1977 film, A New Hope. Once you start playing the game it will ask you to pick your side. Users have the option to join the Empire or Rebellion. This decision offers a different storyline and gameplay, which is a unique touch put out by Disney’s game division. Once you’ve joined a campaign you must build and defend your base.

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