Review: Prop Hunt (Hide and Seek)

Prop Hunt is a mod within Garry’s Mod for Counter Strike / VALVE. Prop Hunt plays much like the childhood game of “Hide and Seek”. Players on one team are disguised as “props” and given a 30 second set up time to hide. And afterwards, the opposing team attempts to find and kill them in the allotted time period. At the end of each round the teams are swapped; the “Hunters” become the “Hunted” and vice versa. Respawns are not permitted until the end of each round.

Image Source: Kow@lski's Workshop
Image Source: Kow@lski’s Workshop

solid-arrow-up-btn The Ups:

Personally I found this mod very fun because it is a simple concept, and is a good game to just pass the time with friends. There is somewhat of a strategy to it because the Hunters (the ones looking for the Props) will try things such as picking up small items and tossing them. One of the “tells” of a hidden prop is that the Hunter cannot pick up that particular prop. So if you are a bottle amongst many bottles, the one that does not fall over is soon to be killed unless you improvise. At that point you run! This is the comical part of the game – witnessing various props being chased across the map trying to either lose the Hunter, or trying to hide somewhere else quickly.

Image Source: Kow@lski's Workshop
Image Source: Kow@lski’s Workshop

solid-arrow-down-btn The Downs:

The bad part about this game from my experience has been the Spectators on the various teams. Particularly the Prop team. Some players will go into chat and announce to the entire world where and what you are. So even if you had a great spot and are down to the final thirty seconds of a round, Hunters will come out of nowhere and assassinate you because of a whistleblower in chat.

“Witnessing a file cabinet going up stairs being chased by two Hunters”

solid-arrow-left-btn The Left:

The sheer fun of this gametype is what makes this a better-than-average game. Like I mentioned before in the Up’s, it is the comical nature of this gametype. Witnessing a file cabinet going up stairs being chased by two Hunters, or teaming up with your teammates to create a group of barrels is also funny because they do not suspect that an entire section is a group of people. Do not take my word for it though – give it a try and see for yourself! Just beware of whistleblowers in chat that could dampen the fun!