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Review: Badland

Badland is a highly atmospheric side-scrolling game with brightly colored steam punk backgrounds sharply contrasted with inky-silhouetted foregrounds. The goal of this game is pretty straightforward – keep your roly-poly bat birds alive.

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Being in charge of the well being of these plump little creatures, who look as if they flew straight out of a Studio Ghibi film, proves to be more difficult than you would expect. The power ups in this game are not par for the course either. They are aimed at hindering your little birdies progress, or necessary for making it through the level. It is all trial and error. The power ups make your bird larger, smaller, bouncy, sticky, or burst into a flock of googly-eyed replicas that need your help.

“keep your roly-poly bat birds alive”

Image Source: Tidbits
Image Source: Tidbits

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All in all, I love playing this addicting game. The sounds alone are enough to keep you hooked. The only pitfall I have found has been in how slow this app can make my phone and how much battery it devours. These are negligible faults when the hours of captivating gameplay is brought into comparison.