Jaws Revenge

Review: Jaws™ Revenge

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If you like raw carnage paired with simple game dynamics then Jaws™ Revenge is the game for you. It is loaded with great graphics and gore. You play the role of the hungry man-eating shark set on your revenge to take down swimmers, boaters, planes, seagulls, and more. Although the game promotes in-app purchases you never really feel like you need to spend your money as the in-game coin system is easily obtained. The game is packed with 40 levels of pure chaos in and out of the water. Oh, and did I mention gore?

Jaws Revenge
Jaws Revenge

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The shark moves only in the forward direction giving you no chance to swim back and sink your razor sharp teeth into missed swimmers.

“Play as the most feared Great White shark of all time”

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As you advance throughout the levels you will have the option to upgrade your shark abilities.

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Get the game free during Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.