Review: Fruit Ninja

Ninjas don’t party often, but when they do cut loose they prefer to do so at the beach on a moonless summer night. This easy-playing game is perfect for just such an occasion. Fruit Ninja goes well with beach balls, barbecue, star gazing, and shuriken throwing – all of which I was doing last Saturday while playing this game.  Well, all except the shuriken throwing, I save that for Sundays. This game of fruit destruction is entertaining in a way that does not require complete attention.  You can play this game and still have a conversation, or contemplate the differences between a samurai sword and a ninjato.

Image Source: Halfbrick Studios

“Except the shuriken throwing, I save that for Sundays”

 solid-arrow-up-btn The Ups:

Fruit Ninja is easy to play; no pesky strategies to devise, just swipe the flying fruit with your god-given blade (that’s your finger on an iphone).

Image Source: Halfbrick Studios

solid-arrow-left-btn The Left:

In-app purchases are available which can help you increase your score, lengthen time limits, or deflect bombs.

You can upgrade your blades and backgrounds by scoring a certain amount of points or successfully accomplishing certain feats, like slicing 50 bananas, or playing upside down, to name a couple.

The app is free on iTunes, Amazon App Store, Google Play. It’s available for IOS and Android phones and tablets.

Fruit Ninja