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Review: Fruit Ninja

Ninjas don’t party often, but when they do cut loose they prefer to do so at the beach on a moonless summer night. This easy-playing game is perfect for just such an occasion. Fruit Ninja goes well with beach balls, barbecue, star gazing, and shuriken throwing – all of which I was doing last Saturday while playing this game.  Well, all except the shuriken throwing, I save that for Sundays. Continue reading

The Amazing Spider-man 2

Review: The Amazing Spider-man 2

solid-arrow-up-btn The Ups:

As far as movie games go, this is pretty much just a title. The game itself only loosely follows the movie. There is a great cameo from Stan Lee and a wide variety of costumes to acquire which enhance different spider powers. The combat system is pretty fluid and makes you feel very Spider-man like (as opposed to a brawler like Wolverine). I only played for 3 hours so I can’t say how the overall game would progress but it has a lot of promise. Continue reading