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karate champ

Karate Champ


I remember being a kid and thinking a Karate Kid game would be pretty cool. After playing this game, I regret ever thinking such things. To be fair, I’m sure the devs didn’t set out to please my inner child, but I’m not so sure they weren’t actively trying to bully him either.




Double Dragon meets Rollerskating? What’s not to love??!? Well, besides the controls I mean. They are wonky as fuck and you die a lot when you build up speed. On the upside you get infinite continues. Honestly, give it a go if you’re going for a retro night. There are worse games out there than this little gem. And you don’t get these weird mashup games anymore with AAA titles sucking all the air out of the room.

wrecking crew

Wrecking Crew


If you’re looking for a game that is nothing like you might expect after watching Wreck It Ralph, you should play this. For a retro game it’s got some interesting features. It’s sort of a mix of puzzle and Donkey Kong – esque platformer. It’s hard though, like.. really really hard. Use a game genie or be a masochist, your choice. Overall, the real fun comes in being able to create your own levels a-la excite bike. But, like excitebike, don’t plan on saving those creations once you hit the power button. Someone wrecked it by not including a battery pack. Not even Fix it Felix can help you with that.

Roger Clemens MVP Baseball

Roger Clemens’ MVP Baseball


You know what sucks more than baseball? A videogame about baseball. You know what sucks more than that? An NES video game about baseball. I mean, sure, RBI baseball had it’s moments. Unfortunately none of them can be found in this steaming turd pile.

Does anyone know who Roger Clemens is? Does anyone care? Should anyone play this game? Is there anything MVP about it?  Will baseball ever NOT suck? I answer all these questions after the break.

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superspike vball

Super Spike V’Ball


Let’s just be clear – sports games generally suck. This one… um.. doesn’t? I mean it does, but it sucks because it’s an NES sports game and we’re in 2016. Back in the day this was one of the ones my friends and I played quite a bit. That said, Kings of the Beach was better. Really all this has going for it is you can button mash B to get a super spike or button mash B for defense of a super spike.  Oh… and you can use a 4-score to play 4 players. Good luck finding 4 people who want this kind of pain in today’s gaming world though.

yoshi's cookie

Yoshi’s Cookie


For a retro puzzle game, it’s not bad.  At least it’s not another Tetris clone. There are better ways to spend your time though. The cookie shifting can be a little confusing at first. Really the magic for me was seeing Yoshi in an NES game. My first time seeing Yoshi was in the SNES Super Mario World. I had no idea he had a life before that. Unfortunately, that life involved Mario tossing his cookies.

Main Image for Learn 2 Fly

Learn 2 Fly (for iOS)


There’s always that one sibling who is never quite as good as his brother or sister. One is the star quarterback and manages to get straight A’s while the other is lucky not to spill ketchup on himself during lunch period and walk around with lettuce in his teeth the rest of the day. Learn 2 Fly is the ketchup-ridden sibling who not only won’t date the prom queen, but frankly, won’t get a date with anyone.

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And so their journey begins...

Final Fantasy (for IOS)

Konami Code FTW

This is the best game ever. Well… the original Final Fantasy for the NES is tied with the original Legend of Zelda for the best games ever. Honestly, I’m biased since I wasted a good chunk of my childhood on both of those games. So feel free to disagree with the perfect rating I gave it, but, if you do, you should also get used to the feeling of being wrong.
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Madburger 3

grey-arrow-up-btn The Ups:

This is your typical launcher upgrade flash game. The theme is cute and simplistic, and the goals are straight forward. Set in the Wild West, your objective is to build a burger with the best ingredients, and then launch it over the desert. The farther you launch it, the more money you get for this projectile piece of meat. If you launch it low, you hit and receive money for limes, but if you launch it a little higher, you hit stars, and make more money. There are also funny power-ups and pitfalls littered in the sky. Careful or you might accidentally land on an Indian Chief!

grey-arrow-down-btngrey-arrow-down-btn The Downs:

The advice for making the burger comes in very sparse intervals along the ground. It would be nice if they were a little more common.

grey-arrow-left-btngrey-arrow-left-btn What’s Left:

Some of the power ups, and even the stars do not really tie into the Western theme. I would have liked to see more of a cohesive selection.

grey-arrow-right-btngrey-arrow-right-btn What’s Right:

This game involves you throwing burgers. That alone makes it awesome, but what’s even better is that you can propel your burger higher by squirting sauce out of the back!

Overall I really enjoyed the game. Its simplistic and entertaining! What more could you ask for?