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Main Image for Learn 2 Fly

Learn 2 Fly (for iOS)


There’s always that one sibling who is never quite as good as his brother or sister. One is the star quarterback and manages to get straight A’s while the other is lucky not to spill ketchup on himself during lunch period and walk around with lettuce in his teeth the rest of the day. Learn 2 Fly is the ketchup-ridden sibling who not only won’t date the prom queen, but frankly, won’t get a date with anyone.

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Review: Fruit Ninja

Ninjas don’t party often, but when they do cut loose they prefer to do so at the beach on a moonless summer night. This easy-playing game is perfect for just such an occasion. Fruit Ninja goes well with beach balls, barbecue, star gazing, and shuriken throwing – all of which I was doing last Saturday while playing this game.  Well, all except the shuriken throwing, I save that for Sundays. Continue reading