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Review: The Room

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If you’re looking for several hours’ with of addictive fun, download and play “The Room” by Fireproof Games.  This unique and challenging single-player puzzle game invites the player to solve a mystery by opening a series of ornate puzzle boxes.

The mystery is not important, however.  The fun lies in the journey of figuring out how to open each box, which is comprised of a series of puzzles upon puzzles.

Image Source: Android Police
Image Source: Android Police

This intuitive game requires the user to navigate around the boxes to tap on panels, use special eye gear and figure out symbolic combinations in order to open the boxes.  You can even pick up and flip over some of the boxes. The player finds hidden drawers, keys (which sometimes have to be altered by the player to fit the keyhole), letters, symbols and codes to open these boxes, which are essentially a series of safes.  There are also hidden functionality surprises as well, without spoiling it for you, let’s just say sometimes pieces of the boxes themselves can become other things!

The art in the game is, in a word, incredible.  Major kudos goes to the artists involved in creating this masterpiece of artistic achievement. The best way to describe the graphics are realistic-steampunk and 3D.

The sound was appropriately creepy given the purpose of the game, and it did cause the hairs on my body to stand on end at one point.

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I found the zoom feature to be frustrating.  It was glitchy on quite a few occasions – not letting me zoom when I knew I should be able to do so, or not allowing me to expand the screen when finished.

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Also, I found this game entertained me for several hours total spanned across several days.  If you are the type of gamer monogamist who likes to play the same game for days on end for several hours a day, this game may be over too quickly for you. I would have appreciated it if there had been a few more safes to crack.

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If you have to rely on hints to get through the game the first time, play it again without hints. It will be challenging the second time around! You can also go download and play The Room 2!

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Available on iPad, Tablet, and now phone versions, too!