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I’m a gamer from way back that enjoys the action of gaming more than the nuance of in-depth storytelling. My greatest satisfaction looking back as a gamer was being able play ground breaking console and pc games at the dawn of the industry. Classic games including: Super Mario Bros., Metroid, Wolfenstein 3D, Street Fighter II, Doom, Myst, and of course Legend of Zelda (in the all gold cartridge, obviously). On the flip-side, one of my greatest disappointments was being one of the hundreds of people that bought the Atari Jaguar and all five games that were released for it. That console along with other failed items I keep as a reminder, collecting dust in a mighty box of shame. As I’m sure you've already figured out, my gaming tendencies lean toward: action/adventure, first-person shooters, brain-teaser puzzle, sports, and good old fashion button mashers. So pretty much anything that lets you get down and dirty without having to take a weekend workshop to play. Long live instant gratification!