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Review: Temple Run


Temple Run is a simple game to play. It is perfect to pickup when you need to waste 30 minutes to an hour. If you haven’t played this popular game- swipe and title your phone to stay alive.

solid-arrow-up-btn solid-arrow-up-btn  The Ups:

Temple Run is a great free game. It encourages replay by allowing you to save up points to buy power-ups. Believe me, you want the power-ups! You can also purchase more points to grab those power-ups when you need them the most.

The course is randomly generated, so each replay offers a unique combination of challenges.

Temple Run Store Screen Temple Run Random Course

solid-arrow-down-btn solid-arrow-down-btn The Downs:

It is easy to lose a life in Temple Run because it relies on coordinating your swipes. A slight delay and you are falling to your death. This can be frustrating but not enough to prevent you from trying again.

The graphics are nothing to show off to your friends, but honestly who cares, they get the job done. I would like to see more variation in the artwork and locations, but maybe thats what Temple Run 2 is for…


solid-arrow-left-btn solid-arrow-left-btn What’s Left:

Don’t forget to purchase your power-ups. The magnet and value coin power-ups are my best friends in Temple Run. The magnet, when collected, pulls coins into you (no need to tilt). The increased value coins power-up scatters coins worth more during your run. Remember, the more coins you collect, the more points you get, the more power-ups you can buy! A vicious but rewarding circle!

solid-arrow-right-btn solid-arrow-right-btn What’s Right:

Temple Run is not spectacular by any means but it provides good entertainment value. You can’t beat that its free!