Festers Quest

Fester’s Quest


This is another one of those nostalgia titles for me. Brings me back to summers in front of the TV trying to accomplish the impossible. If you pick it up, get yourself an NES advantage with working turbo. It’s a lifesaver. The only real downside to this game is that at a certain point being able to continue from a checkpoint makes the game impossible. When you die you lose weapon power ups and  there are not enough monsters to power up your weapons to the level you need to beat the stage. That said, still a very fun game if you have a game genie or are a better player than I.




I apparently like to play shitty sports games so you don’t have to. Honestly, I gave it a shot since it’s got Mario and I was curious how far they came from this to Wii Sports Golf. The answer is Lightyears. This is the worst golf game I have ever played. And I’ve played… 2. Counting this one.

Pinball Quest

Pinball Quest


I did not expect to like this game but I did! Sure the physics are a bit weird but it’s a fun mashup of RPG and pinball that somehow works. The story isn’t winning any awards but what do you want in an 8-bit game? Full disclosure – I didn’t play any of the modes other than RPG so your mileage may vary.

captain comic

Captain Comic


There’s nothing to special about this platformer. But It’s not bad either. Annoying until you get the gun and the corkscrew. Probably the biggest thing going for it is the blue cart color and the fact that it’s hard to find since it’s not a licensed NES game.

Marble Madness

Marble Madness


I hate this game but I also can’t put it down. I think that means it’s good… or I’m just stubborn.

Either way here’s a protip: Bust this baby out at a party when your friends insist they are “good” to drive home.

Mike Tysons Punch Out

Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!


Ok. The 9/10 score is probably more nostagia than anything. That said, this game holds up surprisingly well. The graphics are what you expect from an 8-bit game  and the sound is what it is. The real star though (no, not Mike Tyson), is the fun still to be had in timing and memorizing the patterns and figuring out when to use your uppercuts, dodge, swing left/right, or block. Considering the limits of the NES controller, it’s pretty amazing what they did here. And no, I still can’t beat Iron Mike after all these years. I only new one kid who could. His name was Jason Montgomery and he was a video game savant.