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Learn 2 Fly (for iOS)


There’s always that one sibling who is never quite as good as his brother or sister. One is the star quarterback and manages to get straight A’s while the other is lucky not to spill ketchup on himself during lunch period and walk around with lettuce in his teeth the rest of the day. Learn 2 Fly is the ketchup-ridden sibling who not only won’t date the prom queen, but frankly, won’t get a date with anyone.

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Review: Star Wars Commander

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The gameplay begins shortly after the events depicted in the original 1977 film, A New Hope. Once you start playing the game it will ask you to pick your side. Users have the option to join the Empire or Rebellion. This decision offers a different storyline and gameplay, which is a unique touch put out by Disney’s game division. Once you’ve joined a campaign you must build and defend your base.

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